The Fall into Shadow Has Begun . . .

Asharaviel is world of many faces, and equally as many lands. Time has been patient with this planet, and though there have been many dark times of shadow, and ash the world has overall been a good one to call home.

Though the control of these lands has waned from the elves to the rich men of Taraviel, things are certainly ever evolving. The dwarves still mine deeper and longer tunnels, while the industrious men clear forests, till the land and grow strong in numbers but weak in morals. The magii of old still runs deep through all the races and classes about. With fear of magii, a circle of 9 enchanters was put in place to control those that are blessed with the maker’s gift for if abused and unchecked you may fall to shadow and ash as well. To monitor them however man has decided they needed an order of Templars predestined from god with great will and strength and a knack for smiting demons.

One fallen mage 40 centuries ago cursed the land with shadow and doubt. Three times he has returned to cover the earth in darkness and despair. The first time the elves prevented shadow from consuming it all, the second men, elves and dwarves banded together using strength in numbers. And the third men used their wits and united an even stronger front and once again pushed the arch demon back to the pits of hell from whence he came.

Men, now are far from united. Dwarves are run by greed and delusion in the depths of the world most men will never see. The elves are tired and old; there numbers are far fewer and less willing to work with anyone but their own kin. The world we know is at a turning point. Three large kingdoms of men, after the great civil war are all at each other’s throats. The realms of Taraviel, Ounakarra, and Hereldier are run by men of different ideals and morals. The elven lands of Valiorae on the outskirts of the white shore are rich and fertile but mysterious and much is still unknown. The dwarves mining cities are in the south, called Rhunbar, protected by hills and mountains most men could care less to burden the winter’s blight that always grips their mountain tops for a chance at riches and halls so large you couldn’t see but one chamber in a day. As such there is little unity and much fuel to the fire that burns deep within this planets core.

It is only but a moment before all shadow can grip these lands in a darkness that will last until the end of days. Magii, is even more resented, and a wild old Templar is growing radical, massacres of mages aren’t unheard of, but if caught speaking aloud about it; might warrant you the same fate. There’s talk of Taraviels’ king falling to a blight not seen in many ages. The Band of Light, has fallen into folk lore, some men are still sworn to the oath of keeping the world safe from the shadow binding their souls to the same demons that bring about the worlds darkness, but it is all memory and story now. The world turns to a leader and none is to be found. Shadow and ash, is coming says a whisper on the wind.

Will you be the leader the world can turn to?


Demandred Morcer_Lohrde Circaskys JPDera