Ayreon Amarallis

A half elf archaeologist with a chip on his shoulder and a desire for vindication.


HP: 60
AC: 16

Str: 10
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 17
Wis: 20
Cha: 14

Weapons: Windspent the Skyfeller (sword), Poison dagger, dagger, Elven bow

Ayreon is a small framed man, standing just over five feet tall and weighing 130 pounds. He has shoulder length dirty blonde hair that is sometimes tied back and out of the way. His skin is lightly tanned. He has several scars scattered about his hands from the field work he does and two sizable marks on his left forearm from an old accident.

He generally wears a loose fit, button down, dark red or blue shirt, and tan colored trousers supported by a set of brown suspenders. He wears tall, brown, buckled boots. He has a brown belt with several pouches and tools attached to it, as well as a small satchel attached to his right thigh. He has a brown long coat over this, and a larger bag slung over his right shoulder (strap across his chest, bag hanging by his back/left side). His sword, Windspent the Skyfeller, is held in a vertical scabbard on his back.


Ayreon was born in a town near the King’s Keep in Taraviel. His Elven father, Arjen was an archaeologist, explorer, and historian. Throughout his life, he sought to preserve history, especially that of the long fallen Caerulean Dominion. His Human wife, Lucille, shared a similar passion, and assisted him in his work. About 10 years ago, Lucille died from an illness[some sort of cancer?] she hid from Arjen and the young Ayreon. Arjen himself was killed 6 year ago, buried in the rubble after a collapse at a Dwarven excavation site.

Arjen spent most of his 310 years searching for a city supposedly lost thousands of years ago. Despite ridicule and shun from scholars and other professionals, Ayreon has sworn to continue his father’s quest. He aims to find this city, and prove his father was right after all. After spending his family fortune and several years searching, Ayreon has resorted to taking side jobs to fund his research. He worked for local and big time thieves’ guilds, grabbing up rare artifacts and turning them over for profit. Not all jobs go according to plan though. He was unable to fulfill contracts on more than one occasion, leaving him owing a respectable sum of gold to some powerful guilds.

In his excavations and explorations, he has encountered the League of the Blue Shadow, a group of individuals that seek to erase all history pertaining to the Old Dominion. Naturally, they desperately want to destroy Aryeon’s journal, for it was his fathers, and contains his life’s work. Every clue he ever followed, every discovery he made, a complete record of his search for the city. Ayreon’s sister, Riona, has been kidnapped by the League. If Ayreon gives them the journal, they will return his sister. However, this is unacceptable. This is not something Ayreon is willing to do, nor would his sister approve.

With his home ransacked, his sister missing, and frequent debt reminders, he decides to leave his hometown and look for work elsewhere.

Ayreon Amarallis

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