Morcer Lohrde

A young fiesty dwarf with a tendency to run his mouth.


HP: 64
AC: 18

Str: 18
Dex: 21
Con: 16
Int: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 16

Weapons: Witherfang (sword), daggers (2), and light crossbow

For his kind, Morcer is relatively fit physically, breaking stereotypes of his “portly” race. He has gray/white hair, worn long. His only facial hair is a mustache with a touch above his chin. Under a low brow, his deep-set eyes shine gold, an eye-patch covering the right one. The scarring under his patch is minimal but shows just the same with a small cut above his lip where no facial hair grows, and branded “W” is tatooed onto his arm. He wears a dark, leather jerkin over a forest green shirt. Daggers, tools, and a sword decorate his belts.


“When the Ash falls from the Elite, shadows soon they’ll bleat.”

Morcer Lohrde is a dwarf from the city of Ozzumar in the mountainous peninsula of Runbar. He was born into the clan Lohrde of the dwarven Elite caste, a caste known for their red hair. Morcer, however, grew up with white hair, an omen in dwarven culture to mean the return of ash and shadow. For his early life, it was routine for Morcer to have his hair colored red with expensive dyes exported from far away lands. Though he was never truly told why, his family made it clear to the naive child that he was never to reveal this important secret. The process became a burden on the clan financially, to the point where he got into the habit of shaving as an adult rather than requisition dye for anything other than his hair.

Morcer is the youngest of twelve—all of them brothers. Brill, Olwin, Drayen, Valdrik, Garric, Pol, Varks, Ulrik, Darr, Rorick, and Dinn, in that order of age. As Elites, they all received combat training of the highest caliber. Morcer always felt some feelings of contempt from his brothers, especially from the eldest, Brill, figuring it came from the excessive and costly effort the clan Lohrde went through to keep Morcer’s secret. However, seemingly without cause or reason, they conspired together and revealed to King Ozumen the 92nd the presence of the omen in Morcer. With Brill at lead, they together beat, kidnapped, and dragged him before the King with the dye washed out of his hair. With a single glance, Ozumen commanded House Lohrde to keep the omen’s existence under wraps claiming he did not want to insight rumors and panic in his people with an foolish, cryptic prophecy. Morcer was stripped of everything and then exiled discreetly at the hands of the Lohrde brothers as a final command by King Ozumen. The severe damage and scarring he received from the event even took the sight from his right eye. A final insult.

Morcer lived on the surface for a few years, trying desperately to get by on his own. His old life back in Ozzumar always haunting him with new questions. Why were his brothers so content to sell him out to the King? And what was the catalyst for this after so many years of hiding? Was his only purpose in life to be a warning of dark times, only to be hidden away and ignored by all?

Becoming more embittered by the absolutism of authority in every city he went, Morcer eventually found himself running with a guild of assassins, finding fellowship in the assassins of the White Orchard. Indiscriminate of who he killed, the contracts he received were menial at best, carrying the same weight of importance as a simple bounty hunter. He was able to finally get his chance to move up to the higher Branches of the order when he was tasked with a group to kill a warrior of great importance: the last Band of Light member alive…

Morcer Lohrde

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