Shaiel Tinueth

A fiery young elven Sunblade who can't sit idly by as her world falls into shadow.


HP: 72
AC: 19

STR: 12
DEX: 16
CON: 13
INT: 21
WIS: 18
CHA: 20

Weapons: Blade of Vallorae, Bow of Eldars

Shaiel is around average in size for an elf – 5’1" and just over 100 pounds. She has green eyes and auburn hair, always worn loose, down to around her shoulder blades. She wears studded leather leggings and boots, with an elven mythril vest over a green shirt. She is almost never seen without her light wooden shield, painted with the Anorhathol (Sunblade) heraldry.


Shaiel Tinueth was born roughly 112 human years ago in the Forest of Vallorae, and has lived there with the elf clans her whole life. Her father, Varadin Tinueth, was a highly ranked warmage of the Anorhathol Maethuir (Sunblade Warriors), often tasked with protecting the eldars, and her mother, Eldrith, a historian who helped look after the writings held by the elves of Vallorae. She had one older brother, a sorcerer named Janduin. For most of her youth, life for Shaiel was relatively carefree. She loved to explore the Forest, and she soon began to show some magic ability.

However, soon things began to take a turn for the worse. For one thing, her father mysteriously disappeared out of nowhere, lost and presumed dead. Then, one day, when exploring the forest, she stumbled upon a shocking sight – her brother Janduin and his friends Garlas and Rilion were practicing demonic magic in a secluded area. She managed to sneak away without the three noticing her, but this tore her apart. She didn’t know what to do for a while, sinking into a confused depression. However, one day she hardened and made the decision to turn the three in to the authorities. They were set for execution, but managed to escape mysteriously. After they escaped, Shaiel sought to follow in her father’s footsteps with the Anorhathol, honing her magic skill so that she could one day bring her brother to justice.

She went to the small sect of elven warmages and began to train. The harsh, militaristic training soon turned her into a fearsome warmage, capable of strong offensive spells while also able to don armor and fight with a sword and shield.

After Shaiel’s training with the warmages ended, she soon began to grow restless. She saw the signs of the coming shadow, she knew that her sinning brother was still on the loose, and the elves simply stayed put and did nothing. She soon, however, got an offer she could hardly refuse – to become the bodyguard of Lady Elleni of Vallorae, the daughter of the Eldar… Still, her mind remained restless, but she did her best to protect her mistress… her friend. She vowed to set out as soon as she could and fight.

Shaiel Tinueth

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